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Expert Drilling and Pump Repair in the Grande Prairie Area

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The Well Drilling Process

Throughout all of recorded history, mankind has been drilling into the earth for the purpose of extracting natural resources such as ground water, natural gas or petroleum. The most common method of doing this is known as bore drilling.

The first priority when it comes to waterwell drilling is selecting the most suitable and advantageous location for your well. Before settling on a location you should consider such factors as property boundaries, future building plans, ease of access and proximity to the septic bed if a septic system is present or planned.

After choosing the proper location for your waterwell, the next step is the drilling process. During drilling procedures, the operator will continue to take soil samples in order to monitor the types of geology encountered. Once a water-bearing formation is discovered, the next step is to install the well casing and stainless steel screen. The well can then be developed until there is an adequate supply of clean, potable water available.

The penultimate step is to determine the capacity of the well, measured in gallons per minute and to seal the casing with grout in order to keep the water supply free of contaminants. Finally, the pump is installed and the well is chlorinated and capped. Your well is now ready to deliver fresh, healthy drinking water for years to come.

Constant Pressure Systems

A constant pressure water system can extend the life of your well pump while delivering city-like water pressure. Constant pressure systems are controlled electronically, and unlike older types of systems, it does not require a large storage tank. For example, a typical residential system would call for a 4-gallon pre-pressurized tank.


Walt’s Waterwells uses only the highest quality equipment from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry with products from:


We are happy to assist you with all of your well needs. In addition to well digging, we are a supplier of hoses, wires, and pumps for testing purposes. We offer a wide variety of services to help you including:

  • Well pump installation
  • Constant pressure systems
  • Jet pumps
  • Pressure tanks and storage tanks
  • Well Chlorination
  • Water testing
  • Pump system troubleshooting
  • Well troubleshooting
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Walt’s Waterwells has been serving the water needs of the Grande Prairie area since 1977 with expert well drilling, pump sales and installation services. Find out how easy and affordable it can be to install a dependable waterwell at your home, farm or municipality by contacting the experts at Walt’s Waterwells for a free estimate.


Walt’s Waterwells uses only the highest quality equipment from the most trusted manufacturers in the industry.

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